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The Iowa Prosperity Project

The fact is Iowa businesses operate in a highly-regulated environment where lawmaker decisions directly impact their objectives and outcomes.  During each election cycle, candidates for local, state, and federal office will establish issue platforms and advocate for policy reform.  

By using this website, voters in Iowa can research to find out more on where candidates and elected officials stand on issues important to Iowa employees, industry sectors, and consumers.  It is our goal is to provide non-partisan and non-biased information so that you will learn about the issues, use the tools provided to take action, and spread the word by encouraging others to become active.  

Political participation is a cornerstone of American democracy—your voice, your vote, and your opinion matter. 

2016 State of Iowa Issues 

Workforce Readiness and Growth 
ABI believes a growing and prepared talent pipeline is necessary to support business growth and expand Iowa's economy. Iowa should continue to invest in existing programs and public/private partnerships, such as Elevate Advanced Manufacturing, which educate and expose young Iowans to multiple career opportunities.

ABI supports tax policies that improve Iowa's competitiveness. Such actions should be equitable, simple and predictable and include an element of government accountability. 

Sales and use tax exemptions for items consumed during the manufacturing process are inconsistent. Some items directly used in the manufacturing process are exempt, but consumable supplies are not. ABI supports and encourages sales and use tax exemption for consumable supplies.

Government and Regulatory Environment
ABI supports policies that will encourage additional state revenue and spur economic growth, including legislation and policies that are no more stringent than those of the federal government. For specific information on pending legislation that could increase the burden on employers click here

Presidential Toolkit

Presidential Toolkit
Read up on what each candidate has said publicly about issues important to business.






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